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Fri Nov 18 2076

Tir Taingire, Royal Hill, Council of Princes Chambers

Se'Har Maera Lugh Surehand listens intently at the laid out facts: An insurrection is underway. Well financed, better coordinated, and more powerful then any seen in years past. Jenna Ni'Faira blames all non-elves (naturally). Talk of a registry is brought up, before being shot down by Sean Laverty. "Have you forgotten we've been doing that for decades?"

Dar Varfen brings up a point: "Telestrian and New Dawn have both advocated for additional measures, if the Peace Force can't handle the requests we risk losing face Se'Har, I fear extra-territoriality will be their next ask, though some of us may…benefit."

Seated far from everyone, the orange haired human form of Hestaby sits quietly. She smiles at the accusation.

"Perhaps we should expand the Council. I always appreciated Ehran and Lowfyr's counsel, at times, and now may be that time again," Lugh announces before standing and dismissing the meeting. The room grows quiet, cold, and ominous.

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