2016 11 14

Mon Nov 14 2076

News62 Story Blip Widely Heard

Sad news today as body found in Blackbird Park has been identified via magic forensics as one Sergei Besbelov, former CEO of Svoboda Enterprise. Svoboda, once the digital darling of R&D chip products, had claimed to create a next level type of data chip using a mix of several proprietary techniques. All related data is currently missing while the company with contorlling shares, previously, Pequod Holdings appears to be readying for bankruptcy. Sergei's partner at the firm, Emil Toriq, could not be reahed for comment.

Security on the scene claimed disturbing details including that the body, headless, had shown signs of severe torture as well as weeks of malnourishment. Whatever Mr. Besbelov's demons were, let's hope they don't follow into the afterlife.

Brian Angenllo, News62, back to you in the studio Marc.

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