2016 11 05

Sat Nov 5 2076

"Checkpoint Charlie"// I-5 into Durham-Portland //Widely Reported

A large heavy industry truck sits idling in the Commercial lane as Tir Peace Guards sweep vehicles. Idle camera's capture data across various spectrums. Unseen watcher spirits and surveillance drones provide back-up and alternative security. And that's on the outer gate.

The truck revs's its engines and peels forward. Warning shots, and then kill shots are granted from the Guard-post. The truck barrels forth ramming cars off the bridge, but trips a sensor plate just inside the gate. The plate lifts off - flipping the truck slightly up and then onto it's side. Guards position around the truck. "Undesirables" rubberneck from a holding pen. Cars beep impatiently. A second later, the back of the truck cab explodes killing the driver and crumpling a portion of the Wall. An Acetone-based fire burns hot and fast touching off Tir forces and bystanders alike. The driver now dead, a massive Earth elemental rips free from the remains of the burning truck and begins to wreck carnage in its wake.

News62 coverage claims Portland has gone on lockdown in wake of attack. Thirty-six dead, twenty wounded. Local corporations accused the Council of necessary private forces. Reports indicate Hestaby has moved to Portland proper to attend "high-level" Council meeting.

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