2016 10 23

Sun Oct 23 2076

The Warrens, Sunrise District, Los Reyes Diablo Territory

Gunfire erupts north of E Quincy Ave among a trio of blocks firmly in Reyes control. Details are sparse: Twenty odd Diablo gangers demolished by a combination of magic, firepower, and superior tactics. They fight back with a local Wizkid, tossing molotov cocktails from on high, and sheer numbers. Block to block guerilla warfare in the Sixth World.

When it's over, the locals are stunned, banding together to fight a building fire that quickly overcomes and collapses in on itself. Black smoke tendrils waft westward. And as the sun rises this morning its rays cast orange light on fresh graffiti tags across three blocks in Sunrise:

A fresh heart with a black slash running through it.

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