2016 10 10 9

Mon Oct 10 2076

NW Warzone, South Flanders + East Monmouth Ct Character Actions Nine, Dorian + Good Samaritan

Scarface is trying his god damn best to be a hero for hire tonight. He sets up an ambush the merc's never expected. The first rule of the Warrens? Never underestimate The Warrens. Machine gun fire flanks a close together squad of mercenaries. One, two, three mercenaries go down in a cluster of shattered ceramic plates and blood. "Pffft weekend warriors" he thinks to himself, "RUUUNNNN!" He yells across the street to the Sinners. He blasts his gun until the barrel glows burning orange and the Horsemen have left.

Nine, a well known Rez based shadowrunner, sets up a mini triage center with surviving Sinners. Bedrolls, IV's, bandages, and the healing arts are her tools of the trade. A local good samaritan provides spell protection and casts spells of speed and health, leading the surviving Sinners to the triage center before disappearing.

Nine can't save everyone, one dies from too many bullet wounds and too much cyber. Her dead ganger eyes watch as Nine works to save someone crushed to bits, and another burned to a crisp. Surely technology is not all she has…..

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