2016 10 10 8

Mon Oct 10 2076

NW Warzone, Parkview Hill Elementary The Battle Rages On

Finally, a break occurs. Literally. A C4 laden surveillance drone, a flitting small bird, flits through the raging fire of Parkview Elementary. The Sinners, pinned down, fear for their lives. A half dozen surviving Horsemen spray 'n pray Colt Assault Rifles at cover. A dome like air wave splits around the base of the abandoned school followed by a concussive blast heard throughout the Warrens and likely loud enough to hit the CAS-Warrens border wall. The school crumbles, crushing Sinners hiding within. They blind fire and begin to retreat north east. Greenwich's merc-gangster's form a counter attack and cut their retreat off, finally pinning them on open ground. Bodies fall, cut down the center like rag dolls in the streets.
"Don't let up - let the bitches have it!" "There! There!"

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