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Mon Oct 10 2076

Warzone, Warrens, Various Locations Character Actions - Billybob and Unknown

Billybob's a local Warrens rigger. He's in it for the money like any smart shadowrunning rigger and you know what? Who's to judge? A cut-out set up the job, he never thought he'd be running dozens of weapons from Orktown to The Blackhearts, but here he is. He careens North on Himalaya Street dodging a few retreating Horsemen. Run-flat tired are tonight's saving grace from potshots fired the regular psycho Warzone resident. A welcome committee of Blackhearts accept the guns graciously, setting up defenses in the event The Sinners try waltzing further north.

Meanwhile, a deadly physical adept stalks his own territory. No one's messing with his bolthole and he picks off anyone that gets close.

He fires his Nighthawk at a nearby Sinner bezerker armed with a stun baton, a grenade, and dual cyberspurs as she races toward him. She explodes as the bullet strikes a worn grenade, setting off a chain reaction of smaller explosions nearby from an illegal gas line for a small shelter. The shelter of sheet rock and corrugated tin caves in, slicing a hiding Horseman ganger's artery. He blows the smoke out of the pistol and smiles.

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