2016 10 10 6

Mon Oct 10 2076

Warzone, Warrens, Various Locations Character Action - Vexx and Kraft

The nightsky glows a dull yellow-red far west from Vexx's position. He's just some gutter decker trying to dig up some info on what's been going lately. Sheesh. Wrong place, wrong time he winds up pakouring through the damn battle and heads east. He bumps into a local street urchin (with a lot of local info) just hiding out until the all clear to get back to the Rez.

Kraft hates when anything bugs the Queen City. And yea, even the Warrens. He calls up Vinny Snitch, a vendor in the area, and over the pop-pop-pop of gunfire Kraft gets the low-down on Greenwich, Orktown, and Tir Llewyn. Kraft thanks Vinny and gets to thinking his next move.

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