2016 10 10 5

Mon Oct 10 2076

NW Warzone, Parkview Hill Elementary Character Action - Mr. Terrific

The Sinners rally after the cannon shots. The women yell battle cries and four letter words that would turn a hardened street samurai red. The Horsemen, scared drek-less, begin to retreat north east away from the battle. A Sinner-hired Shadowrunner skulks away from Parkview casting an invisible spell. She makes past defenses and scores Greenwich himself, briefly distracted coordinating attacks from a hollowed out bodega.

But another runner, a more terrific shadowrunner you could say, is in the Warrens too. And he has foresight to offer his services, via proxy of course, to the more powerful player. An attempted fireball spell is knocked off course, setting a lone Horsemen on fire. His ork skin bubbles and oozes louder than his screams. The attempted assassin? Turn-To-(Bullet)Goo by Greenwich's bodyguards.

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