2016 10 10 4

Mon Oct 10 2076

NW Warzone, Parkview Hill Elementary Character Action

The obscured figure of one Cable, a person with an eight foot assault cannon wielded like a rifle and the plan to explode trolls with big guns and gear, dextrously speeds his form into and through the Aurora Warrens' Warzone.

He moves from spot to spot where he snipes hulking Horsemen and one of the mercenaries who support them. A surveillance drone and a combat drone tag team and lay down burst-fire EX rounds into the man. Cable briefly gets harried, but is not to be stopped. KA-BOOM.

Troll parts. KA-BOOM Troll flesh and bone, KA-BOOM Troll gear and goods are exploded in the wake of the fast being who ends the spree in a lightning fast run which carries the mobile gunner into the distant shadows without delay. Ultimate guerilla moves +1000.

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