2016 10 10 3

Mon Oct 10 2076

NW Warzone, Parkview Hill Elementary, Warrens.

An Ingram Smartgun rips through the cool fall air. The bullets bounce off a pair of black clad mercenaries. Ricochets spark off concrete blocks and knock out the only working street lamp. The Sinners split into three groups attempting to surround the mercenaries.

Big Boy Ray, a Horsemen ganger, has seen it all. He remembers the Tir/Orktown battle of '72, he was just a kid then. It's the last thought in his head before he's lit up like roman candle. RIP BBR, tonight's first casualty.

Small arms fire exchanges in a continuous symphony of sharp cracks. Two Sinners, a pair of twins 'popular' in Mission Hills, fall to the ground from a drone's Ares Alpha. Civilians hiding in the abandoned elementary school are quickly turned into human shields or mince meat from the mercenaries superior firepower. A HE grenade lobbed into a former art room turns it into kindle, creating the Sinners preferred red and black in flame and smoke.

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