2016 10 10 10

Mon Oct 10 2076

Warzone, The Warrens Widely Known

A Lone Star helicopter figures it's worth the budget just to see what the hell is going on. It takes a pass as low as comfortable:

A corner of the Warzone has been 'reclaimed' into Orktown territory for the moment. The northwest corner is a complete wasteland of small fired and fleeing civilians.

Lonestar issues a press release of an "environmental based explosion" that has "burned itself out". The Sinners pre-emptive attack has failed, miserably, and they're weakened significantly at the attempt. Still, they stopped crime lord Nigel Greenwich's expansion and every Org they deal with is going to be informed of the tipping scales in the Warrens. Tonight, Greenwich knows who helped him, and The Sinners know who saved them. And in the shadows, the buzz about The Warzone battle will last for a days. Until the next one…..

The Sinners are licking their wounds and going hard in Mission Hills now to keep their territory. Greenwich, despite the losses, has gained more allies and is celebrating somewhere. But The Horsmen beginning to grumble……

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