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Mon Oct 10 2076

The Warzone, Warrens Sinners Movements

Almost half of the Sinners move south east, armed with small arms, chains, and some cyber enhancements. The toughest damn bitches in the Warrens set out to push back. With them are several local shadowrunners, a handful of roided out pimps, and a few half-cocked denizens in Mission Hills.

On the other side, a dozen Horsemen with assault weapons, and another dozen hired professional mercenaries armed with bodyarmor, drones, and magic.

The Sinners head due east past the crumbling Smoky Hill Library building. An Ares Sparrow transmits the movement. Finally, a message to send. The crime lord Greenwich sends his forces north, north west….And so the Battle Of Parkview Hill begins.

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