2016 03 25 1

Fri Mar 25 2076

CAS District, Somewhere near Pentabucks, FLASHPOINT ACTION

Tanya Heriot, a magical 'consultant' (among other talents), watches Svoboda' s stock online. She's got some business training, and she's heard some of the rumors. Only a matter of time until boom becomes bust. Without a horse in this race she shrugs and calls up Tony Marchino, Mafia fixer and Detroit expatriate. Let's buy and sell while it's hot.

'The number's make sense, kid. Lemme finagle something without putting you too much in the limelight,' says Tony.
Hey it don't always work out. Tanya gets some scratch, but Tony called Joe Bigs Chiozonni, who called his cousin who works as a PA at a local news station who needs a story…you know how it is.

A news story later and Pequod Holding's watches from afar.

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