2016 03 24

Thu Mar 24 2076

The Warrens Rez Shoreline

Fuzz Ears passes along the latest news concerning a fuel dump over the Quincy Reservoir via the Daily Buzz. Word gets out via texts to the Project Manager of Haven Island and Warrens-based runners with vested interest in purified H2O.
Swiftly gathering near the Rez shoreline and are met with a dismal scene: the eastern section chemically contaminated by a kerosene stripe which extends out 200m east over derelict buildings and unsuspecting homeless.

Fuel dumps usually vaporize? How did this happen? A sharp warning, then sniper shots ring out! A young man with an Ares affiliation shouts towards the sniper's nest. Their rooftop perch is yanked up into the sky and brought down, raining concrete, garbage, and two riflemen to the runners below….

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