2016 03 13

Sun Mar 13 2076

Wall Street Journal Live Report // Denver RTG // Widely Known Information

Svoboda Enterprise's brief demo of the new biochip, "Krychek", on CNN ignites the dynamite stick. Security is brought in from Russia, under a new subsidiary Prochnost LLC, and their corporate regional headquarters undergo security hardening.

By mid-day the stick has exploded, a soft launch of their IPO. Stocks are zooming from 0.60 =Y= to 7.10 =Y=…speculation is rampant. Pequot Holdings managed to retain the lion's share still. Rumors on the veracity of the Krychek chip abound. Ares, MCT, and Aztechnology ramp up research and PR campaigns for potential buy outs. Talk of closing out the week at ten, even twenty per stock (demo pending), once the IPO's news breaks on Monday. Then again…talk is cheap.

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