2014 03 25

Tue Mar 25 2074

The Dripping Clam, CAS red-light district.

Luther Sucreasi steeples his fingers, pointer fingers pressed tight against his forehead. His lieutenant has just dumped a load of some drug onto the table. "Is that what I think it is?", the Family Man asks. "Uh-huh", replies the newly minted capo.
Sucreasi shakes his head, "This was in…my area? Someone who I've trusted as an ally- for years- thought this was a smart play?"
"That's right, boss.", the capo replies. "I could try to locate for you, make sure he understands this is our….your territory. No fuss no muss."

The ork mafia don is in disbelief. "Put some feelers out, I want to know where he is-quietly!" He bangs a fist on the desk for emphasis. "I do /not/ want to be associated, just keep a tab on him. Pour the honey pot out."

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