2013 08 23

Fri Aug 23 2073

Sergei Besbalov goes into hiding after the press conference. Word is hes keeping his new head of R&D under lock and key.

An Ares executive, out to lunch in Western Denver with a prospective arms manufacturer out of Biloxi, finds his bodyguard dead after catching a bullet. The Biloxi arms manufacturer? She decided to visit Juarez to try a safer climate.
Shinsei Vision, an childrens educational Simsense production company and subsidiary of MCT finds all of their new programs have been decked and replaced with hardcore pornography. Both companies take minor hits after the news goes public.
Aztechnology snatches up 25 of Svoboda Enterprise stuck by COB.

Shadowrunners get calls from fixer, Johnsons, their second cousin. Everyone 's hiring.

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