2013 08 22

Thu Aug 22 2073

And so it goes: Blood In The Boardroom. Polite skirmishes and licensing talks breakout into open corporate warefare and espionage. Svodboda Enterprise strikes the match and the powder keg explodes.

MCT begins a whisper campaign of possible financial misbehavior accrued by Sergei Besbalov, CEO of New York by Russia startup Svoboda Enterprise. Rumbles are the Yakuza are looking to make good on that stock.
Ares splits two fold hiring hitters against execs at Svoboda and MCT R&D. Word on the street is Svoboda extracted/headhunted key personnel from MCT. Are these Ruskies are selling back what they stole?! Aztlan snipes figuratively and literally at anyone involved, throwing the IPO into possible chaos as their own legal counsel throw up roadblocks hoping to get a glimpse at possible new Matrix tech.

All the while, strange things still happening in the trix. News stories run rampant trying to get first in as reporters. Runners gossip non-stop. Deckers wonder if they might be obsolete.

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