2013 08 07 1

Wed Aug 7 2073

Two shadowrunners accept the blood money contract. The target? Monisha Silunanov, a madame of a respectable upscale gentlemans club: CandiLand. Its old school gangland slaughter, her private second story office and bodice shot up and shredded by high powered firearms. A troll bouncer attempts to intervene and pays in full with his life. Johns and hookers run out and into the night, word spreads quickly its not a place to habituate. Within 48 hours its closed shop and a blip on the 24/7 crime report cycle. The runners escape into the night with =Y= on their minds.
Somewhere in the CAS district, Symon Floritkoff angrily watches nuyen slip away to competing upscale escorts, strip clubs and bunraku brothels.

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