2013 07 29

Mon Jul 29 2073

Tyson fed the target a Yamatetsu Yum! Instameal. He popped the tab near the Happy Ork's tusk and watched the krill and powdered liquid bubble into a film of soup'.
The sariman gave his name as 'Hideo', seemed ok in Tyson's view. Bit of a weasel, still, he didn't want to know what was in this mans head that made a NYC based Bio-start up find him so valuable.
Dot.Matrix scanned police chans, nothing about them or the Warrens. Caleb chain smoked and cleaned his weapon, followed by his wound. Torque had been jacked into the GMC's radar suite for going on 8 hours. He didn't know how long they had, but when it felt safe they'd move to the drop.

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