2012 12 23

Sun Dec 23 2072

'Camp Panhandle', Far East Warrens.
Two dozen men women and children dig deeper into the urban cairn. Shovels and backhoes work under the cover of frozen darkness. Dig dig dig. The sated quasi-corpses of ghouls watch from afar, sniper fire and magic keep them at bay. Bribery and murder keep the the rest out, mostly. Dig dig dig. A man in ratty Cal Ranger garb »>Radio Caleb, tell him we've expanded beyond the immediate vesitbule, we're hitting actual cars and tracks now. Looks like some retro-fitted stores too«<
Torches and flashlights beam light into the sooty semi-destroyed and former subway station. A mercenary scrapes away a debris covered wall revealing luminescent graffiti. W lc me o Ti ker Town.

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