2012 12 21 1

Fri Dec 21 2072

Seattle, Vashon Island. The Luna Building, Penthouse level.
18 Hours till Proposition 81-B passage.

Security cameras sweep the entry points into the building. Jeremy Falloon swirls the Malbec red in his glass, creating a mini-whirlpool unto which he looks inward. Soft rain patters outside. A black helicopter with the Isaiah Group logo swoops past the penthouse's sound proof windows and lands on the rooftop with only a barely perceptible shudder. One entire wall of the living room displays a dozen local and national feeds- Falloon commands the view screens to focus on Denver. He sips the dark wine and strategizes his next political moves and aspirations. He mulls over a summer of magical terrorism, racially charged politics and assassination attempts. Surmountable obstacles with Mr. O'Neals liason's help, with other's help. He thinks of what could be done with the Warrens no longer on Denver's plate and a streamlined law enforcement apparatus.

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