2012 12 13 2

Thu Dec 13 2072

Thursday Trid Talk Show "Plutocracy Now!"

The moderator and two well-dressed guests: Gregory Kluth, Denver's O.R.C. field director, and via satellite Derek O'Neal, CalFree Ranger Vet, Metahuman Rights spokesperson, personal friend of Jeremy Falloon.

Kluth is self-righteous, antagonistic, and has a whiff of easy living. "Don't misunderstand me, the TLF were /and are/ a terrorist organization, O.R.C do not condone their beliefs and question where their funding came from, and still we remain, even after losing a beloved sister." Agree, feint, point to O'Neil.
O'Neal is charming, yet clipped in his responses and now looks a tad ragged, dark circles under his eyes. "Metahuman anger is at an all time high, you're talking about redistributing wealth. Metahumans just want a fair chance, like I had serving in the military. But safety is part of that fair chance. Admit it Greg, you look over your shoulder in the Warrens. Metahuman orks and trolls are not predisposed towards violence, nor are they 'whores of the genome'".

The moderator looks perplexed. "Who said they were?" Cue shouting match. Cue O'Neal cutting his mic feed. Cue turning the trideo off.

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