2012 12 07 1

Fri Dec 7 2072

Seattle, Vashon Island. The Luna Building, Penthouse level.
24 Hours till Proposition 81-B passage.
The rustic appointed interior belies the advanced security systems percolating just out of sight. A crackling fire, soft electronic music, the strongest of white noise generators. Jeremy Falloon gazes out of the double-paned and bullet proof window, his thoughts receding just like the sun setting of the lights of the Seattle metroplex. Perhaps it's the vintage scotch. A firm but soft hand wraps itself around his shoulder, beckoning him to forget his troubles, enjoy the peace and quiet until tomorrow.

"You're making the tough choice, but the smart one. It's what good leaders do. It's cut-throat, but good for corporations….and the people, you're doing what's best for them and maneuvering for yourself. I'm sorry about what happened", says the voice.

"Perhaps, but don't stroke my vanity. You're better than that……Derek.", says Falloon. He waves a hand in annoyance. Let the man drink his scotch.

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