2012 12 07

Fri Dec 7 2072

UCAS District, News62 Story.
"….and in our third story for tonight, Good Morning Denver! had more than it's usual share of excitement. The topic was concerning an anti-terror bill the city council intends to vote on tomorrow evening during an emergency session. The guests included a representative of the national O.R.C. Political Action Party, Jeremy Falloon's Press Secretary Fred Jones, and via satellite Activist Derek O'Neal. During the interview with O.R.C. Denver's press secretary, Kat Dvark, became more and excited in her disagreement.

»Silent footage shows a conservatively dressed female ork first yelling at the Good Morning Denver host, then standing up and knocking her chair over, before withdrawing a water bottle.«

"News62 has decided to not show what happened next. Censors immediately cut off the feed, however, Ms. Dvark self-immolated herself in the studio as a form of protest. Both the city council and Mr. O'Neal have extended condolences. O.R.C. is currently not offering comment, and Knight Errant is investigating the incident. Reruns are expected for next week while the studio is fixed. In other news- The War On Christmas continues, isn't purchasing what it's all about? One atheist says it's the antithesis of Christianity. Coming up next."

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