2012 11 30

Fri Nov 30 2072

Ute Sector, The Railslums.
The Street Finds It's Own Uses. That motto never meant more than here. Daemon Starks has some high value cargo with him, namely TLF President and wanted fugitive Connor Seale. The man's hot property and Starks has the winning ticket. He and some hired goons help smuggle Connor and sneak him into a tricked out GMC Bulldog. The route to a safe house plotted, Starks guns the engine and plows through the Zocolo market. BTL Chips, Black Market cigarettes, cheap guns, and whores spill out in the trucks wake.
The Ghostriders catch a whiff - it smells like an extraction. Bikes are revved, guns are cocked, horns are honk. Oh drek. Starks twists down a tight alley, sparks fly off the side and he loses the side-view mirrors. SMG's burp explosive rounds. The GMC- windows bust/tires pop/goon blood sprays/engine blocks stutter and shimmy. Connor pops out the passenger side firing a combat shotgun, buying enough time for escape. Pulling onto Pico, then speeding on Highway 470 the Made man finally makes it to a safe location and the van's engine literally falls out.

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