2012 11 29 3

Thu Nov 29 2072

The Warrens, Tir Llewyn.

Once more into the fray.
It's been a long night for Savannah. First saving a KE cop and now she's making her way into the Tir just as some nut as reignited tensions. Flames dance amongst innocents attempting to find safe haven.
Savannah beckons forth an elemental, it's services used to put out fires. A tiny fairy like glowing ball leads her to a huddled mass of scared, dirty, working poor elves, the conjurer protects them, using her skills in a defensive manner. These poor people have been caught in a never ending pissing contest they never asked for or wanted.
Cut to a long view of the group, seen through a thermo enhanced 12X scope, cross hairs across Savannah's back. The first shot misses, the bullet puffing dirt near her feet. An elf child pushes the savior out of the way and takes the second shot straight through the heart. Even the best of us have blood on our hands tonight.

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