2012 11 29 2

Thu Nov 29 2072

CAS Sector, various haunts.
Simon shuts the the world out as he concentrates on his target. He's looking for someone named Caleb, among other things, and needs to think. He runs a description by his fixer Reed, "Sounds like a guy calling himself 'The Man' at an exclusive runner mixer on Halloween. Biz and party costumes. Yea, I heard him chatting up some guy calling himself 'Austin', they talked about Cal Free State, he said he was doing 'consulting' downtown."
Simon hits the runner bars, the rumor mill More contacts, more drinks bought. Like most runners they're all selfish and aren't helping particularly one side or the other, but sources say some low level -and they mean low level- mob guys were spotted at the Bastille shuffling fugitive Connor Seale around. Now pay up.

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