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Thu Nov 29 2072

The Warrens, Tir Territory.
Vollo's respect has increased in the Tir since helping repel the Horsmen attack on Twilight bar, so he gets a round on the house and starts asking questions. The elf doesn't buy what's going on, first the Horsemen, now The Blackboot Skins are involved? Vollo chats up a group of Leafcutters shooting the drek outside, "Null sheen chummer. This drek's all on the tuskers. You think Tir's leadership can get their hands on Seven-7 /and/ would use it? No way omae, no way. Besides, we're just defending out turf, not trying to take any…..I mean ok, maybe if the turf happens to be up for grabs but…"
Suddenly, a white phosphorus grenade rolls off the Twilights roof. Vollo dives away as flames caress his torso. Only minor burns, he'll make it. His buddies on the other hand are toast. Literally.
Two ramshackle apartment buildings, already weakened from sustained attacks from Ghost knows who, succumb to the intense fire and heat….crumbling and caving in on a ghettoized ammo dump of explosive bullets which in turn ignite like shrapnel. Fighting breaks out in tired pockets and momentarily spreads out into Sunrise.

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