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Wed Nov 28 2072

UCAS District, Jim's Ale House.
Street Samurai Denton gulps down his soybeer, then drops a fat credstick into the empty glass. He slides it to the man next to him, an off duty KE officer by the name of Gerold. Denton's worried about his 'nabe, Sunrise. The Street Samurai is worried The Crimson Smoke, the Tir Elves, or The Horsemen might muscle in and he might lose his pad.
Gerold says Tough Drek. The cop drops that a KE Helo went down just a few hours ago, Apone was the name of the man in charge of that operation. Gerold lets on Apone's claiming some "civilians" got him out of The Drek. Right. If you ask Gerold, which Denton is, the gang war is spreading what with all the rumored mil-spec gear getting tossed around. And it ain't the usual refurbished LAW rockets.
Meanwhile, a Crimson Smoke ganger with cred to burn overhears all this, he snaps Denton's photo with his pock secretary and texts it to his people. »Drekhead sez we weak. Put the word out« Uh, oh.

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