2012 11 28 2

Wed Nov 28 2072

Warrens, The Sticks.

The calvary arrives! A quartet of shadowrunners, disparate in backgrounds, but united in a commitment to doing good when possible, materialize from Smoke's city spirit. Hideous shapes gorge themselves on dead KE officer and hiss with glee.

Rowan's Ruger Thunderbolt saves Apone, the gun ripping two ghouls apart with burps of lead. Pistolier and do-gooder Shoeshine plays with a group of ghouls and they dance for his Predator before being vanquished. Savannah, a sword at her side, surveys the mission and decides there's too much hardware available in the Helicopter. She summons the Art around her, fiery air intensifies giddily licking through missiles, ammo boxes, and dead cops.

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