2012 11 28

Wed Nov 28 2072

The Warrens.
The KE helicopter spirals down, spinning and spinning and eventually hitting the ground in a thunderous clap of destruction. The noise is heard for blocks and the acrid black smoke rises from The Sticks against a cold Denver sky. Gangers, shadowrunners, and even ghouls see opportunity of one kind or another.
Sergeant Apone awakes with a jolt, his leg shredded with metal, a gun already in his hand. He leans against the wreckage and fires his weapon into a mass of hungry Ghouls lurching through the detritus. "Get away from him you bastards!", Apone screams. "Blake! Get up" Click, click. Apone dry fires. The ghouls get closer. In the distance, a scout group of Horsemen on salvaged elven motorcycles circle crash site, probing for an opening. For the pilot, Blake, and Sgt. Apone, this is their last stand.

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