2012 11 21 1

Wed Nov 21 2072

The Warrens.
Law Enforcement puts it's foot down tonight. Fearful of more mass unrest due to the official UCAS Presidential confirmation, the two security agencies launch HTR and KE-Elite Teams to secure their respective perimeters.
Sergeant Apone with the KE 32 Precinct, Air-Ops, says a blessing before rising into the sky. His five man team sweeps across their assigned sector. A pair of air to surface rockets materialize and obliterate a four story building on the outskirts of Orktown.

»Blake! Move in! Who's firing?!«, radio's Apone.
The sleek KE helicopter throttles towards the site. Suddenly, seemingly from nowhere, a hornet shaped helicopter descends. >>Evasive Maneuvers!<<

Twin miniguns chew through the KE Helicopter's rotor, ammo on board cooks and explodes. Apone watches the world spin closer and closer. And then he blacks out. (Staff Plot)

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