2012 11 21

Wed Nov 21 2072

Weeks have passed since the UCAS elections without any solid answer to the central question: who will occupy the White House? But this evening that question has been answered. Colloton and Daviar conferred behind closed doors, alone. Then they met with leaders of their parties behind equally closed doors. Then the House and the Senate voted to approve their proposal.

General Angela Colloton will be the 9th president of the UCAS and the first woman elected to the position. Nadja Daviar will be sworn in as her vice president in a solution not unlike the old solution to an electoral college tie back in the days of the USA. The fact that the solution has no standing or precedent under the Constitution of the UCAS has deterred no one. The watchdogs mutter balefully on the sidelines but most of the world is just relieved to know what will come.

And what will come? Where Haeffner has been a politician and a master of the games of state, Colloton is a fighter. She favors business, of course, but that's business as usual. A bigger change will be her emphasis on military intervention and her stated goal of bringing California back into the fold. What does that mean for the Free State? For the Japanese Protectorate?

As for Daviar, the cipher remains a cipher. She played second fiddle to Dunkelzahn and then to Haeffner after him. She'll remain in her customary place. As power behind the throne? As grand vizier? As good steward? More importantly, what deal did she and Colloton hammer out between them to let rivals work together in the halls of power?

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