2012 11 12 2

Mon Nov 12 2072

Sometimes the cynics are right and it doesn't take deliberate action to make a hash of politics. The counts are in… and indecisive. New American Era did well, but the lack of real new suggestions and hesitation at electing Daviar, a woman with a murky past, hurt their numbers. The Technocrats' military posturing got mixed results, with most voters split over how to deal with California, but General Colloton has a real record, is a real military hero, and has more specific policies outlined in her platform. The only thing that's clear is that the megacorporate parties came out on top. Ares and Novatech, the American AAA's, are riding high.

But what does that mean on the ground? The UCAS Constitution abolished the Electoral College and provided for election by popular vote, but at this point the voting margins are in the range of statistical noise, unclear ballots, and software failures. There are recounts and re-recounts ongoing, but the fate of the UCAS is uncertain. Novatech and Ares aren't enemies, but they aren't friends, and they may be heading for confrontation. Congress wrings its hands without solutions.

At this point blaming shadowrunners would be nice, but after the crowing of security successes earlier it won't fly. Colloton calls for military preparedness "just in case" and Ares responds by stepping up its private forces "in solidarity." It's all posturing, but it makes for uneasy times.

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