2012 11 12

Mon Nov 12 2072

Shadowrunners are like parasites, like viruses. That's what the authorities and security services and all protectors of peace and prosperity say, and they're not wrong. Parasites live off of others, and they do it while avoiding detection. Viruses have to get in and get out or go into hiding before the host's response destroys them. One of the keys to that is keeping the immune system down. Once the host is in high alert, the game's up.

There's an asymmetry in runner-target relationships. Any corporation has more resources than any runner team. Even their security alone is better than what any runners can muster. The trouble is that they can't maintain high alert forever, and runners only need to strike hard and quick before the security goons know what's going on and come down on the runners hard.

That's the game. Shoot straight, conserve ammo, and don't kick the hornet's nest and stick around for the hornets. And when the hornets are swarming, don't go anywhere near the nest. When you're running circles around the guards who spend years on duty without seeing trouble, when you're slipping in and out of the facilities or cutting through IC and nabbing the data without leaving any traces and laughing your way to the bank, it's easy to forget that last rule. You are only better than they are when they aren't ready for you. The megacorporations are sleeping giants. Don't ever, ever go after them when they are awake.

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