2012 10 29 1

Sun Oct 28 2072

KSAF News in brief: » Reports are quickly coming in. A VTOL aircraft as hexploded on the Denver Airport tarmac, possibly the result of a suicide bomb attack (Cut to images of fire-trucks spraying down a plane, flashing lights everywhere). The VTOL aircraft is believed to have been designated for a flight that would have had Jeremy Falloon on board, however, he was unharmed and was not on board the plane at the time. However, two of his personal staff have been confirmed as being on the plane during the attack. Their names have not yet been released pending notification of kin. This is the second possible attempt on the councilman's life this month. Inside sources are speculating whether this may have been a result of extreme metahuman activists including recently branded terrorist organisation the "Tusk Liberation Front." More on this story, at 11.«

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