2012 10 29

Sun Oct 28 2072

Denver Airport, Sun Oct 28 18:37:48 2072. As Jeremy Falloon sits in the airport's executive lounge enjoying the finest quality alcohol, he watches his plane fuels up for a trip to Seattle. A new trade initiative for the two city-states. Derek O'Neal stands by the tinted window chatting with Jeremy. "Frankly, Mr. Falloon, I think the situation is out of hand. Certain contacts of mine witnessed some of the events two nights ago, and they personally swore it's only a matter of time till this reaches our doorsteps."
Falloon, human sphinx, gives a glance to the activist, "I've heard your pitch Derek.Just as I told you before, I'll think on it. There's an election coming up, things are delicate, the Council mulling over this Isaiah Group recommendation. Just drop it." The men sit in silence for a moment. Something flashes and then there is no sound.

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