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Thu Oct 25 2072

Rex is a big, big dude with big, big cojones. The troll lumbers to the front lines of the battle for Twilight and- dual wielding Ares Alphas with grenade launchers, provides suppressive fire for retreating Horsemen fleeing Vollo's counter-attack. He stands in clear cover, steely eyed and calm as he mows down a cadre of Elf gangers foolish enough to see if Rex is still there. Finally, someone lobs a home made stun grenade lands at Rex's feet. He keeps firing unimpressed with the explosive. This one has enough force to actually cause him to pause firing his weapons. The Horsemen are very impressed and quickly pull Rex back to safety before they lose this asset as they set up defenses. Before the night is over, Rex has new admirers and a small concussion.

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