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Thu Oct 25 2072

Quickly Slur summons a city spirit to conceal the Commando group and casts invisibility on Vollo and himself to watch his friends back, the drain is no match for courage and a dose of Psyche.
Vollo quickly coordinates a counter attack against the Horsemen, tucking into cover to shout commands . He snap fires into a pair of orks, their brains cobweb across each other. Vollo smiles.
Confetti rolls her shoulders and sets up a defensive position around Twilight. A group of berserker orks plow through Vollos offense ignoring bullets like rain drops. But these orks werent counting on Confettis skills as a bodyguard. Lightning fast she tussles with the berserkers in a flurry of punches and close fired shots. They go down and stay down. Confetti wipes blood from a massive wound across her abdomen, its bad, but shes alive. The fight is a near repeat of The Alamo. But the trio manage to hold the Twilight from take over. But at what cost?

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