2012 10 25 10

Thu Oct 25 2072

The October Surprise goes down as one of the Warrens most violent nights in recent ghetto memory. What should have been a surprise attack from the Horsemen and company somehow broke into a pitched battle. Last minute guerrilla tactics from the Leafcutters and a group of shadowrunners managed to hold onto prized elven territory, but at a cost of almost 200 dead elven coalition members to a few dozen ork and trolls. Conversely, the pure violent blood lust coming from Orktown seemed to trump any strategic movements after the failed initial blitzkrieg. All over Orktown fighters are scrambling for new munitions and ammo to replace the nights depletion.

Elsewhere other criminal interests watch to see what happens next. Could they gain from this? For if this fighting continues, if these two races weaken and bleed each other enough, it could lead to internal conflicts….or worse, if this gang war continues too much longer. When is enough, enough?

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