2012 10 16

Tue Oct 16 2072

News52 Exclusive aired last night, but it wasn't the big hit the network had hoped for, but what can you expect during Combat Biking playoffs?
The recap: Falloon's reportedly went into surgery for a damaged shoulder- the result of a gone shot. Falloon still hasn't commented, perhaps looking to see which way the wind blows. News52 speculates the possibility of two shooters, but doesn't go further. KE and Lone Star have "strong leads". The Tusk Liberation Front's been branded an official "terrorist organization" by the press, despite the execution of it's presumed leader in front of thousands of people.
News52 interviews the suave and charming Derek O'Neal, metahuman activist and Cal Ranger Vet. He says his views have changed since "the incident". Denver's metahumanity population is tribal and war-like, "…..look what's going on in the Warrens." Sure, some are good people, but without strict laws…anarchy. Derek O'Neal submits a new bill to the Council allowing broad powers of search and seizure of "suspicious" individuals who belong to any "organized disobedient group". He reveals he's partnered with construction and lobbying firm Isaiah Group, and is offering to help "fix the Warrens issue."

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