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Sun Oct 14 2072

Seven-7, one of the most powerful, dangerous, and hard to get chemicals on the black market. On the border of Ork Town is a large jury rigged apartment complex filled with SINless metahuman orks and troll, locally known as the "Grok Apartments". Families, gang members, the working poor all co-mingle together like the proverbial melting pot.

Two canisters explode on the second and fourth floors. The effects…..cramping, double vision, nausea are near instantaneous. The dead stack against doors and hallways as they try to leave the gas, some jump out windows to their deaths below. Screams and gurgles rise to a crescendo, and then, in a matter of minutes it is over with nearly one hundred dead or dying. The survivors retch outside the Grok Apartments and dial on black market cellphones for help. Portions of The Demo Boyz and The Horsemen gangs arrive on scene alternately stealing anything off the dead and howling for revenge. The combined forces plow through the Warrens towards Silver Horns territory. The elven gang releases a torrent of barbed arrow tips and rifle fire.

Motorcycles explode, a Demo Boyz lets off a well placed assault cannon shot breaching a hole in the Silver Horns defense.

A full on race war just started in the Warrens and it could explode beyond these walls any day now.

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