2012 10 12

Fri Oct 12 2072

The media blackout starts to lessen: Slowly news reports coming in of lone gunman shooting Reginald "Brother" Mouzone and Jeremy Falloon with a single bullet, but there's talk of a greater conspiracy. All Falloon information is still on lockdown. Numerous sources claiming the man is already dead and on ice somewhere. Knight Errant and Lone Star are offering large nuyen for any credible information concerning witnesses and suspects. Everywhere, metahumans are getting stopped, questioned, and frisked. It's dangerous times in downtown Denver to be meta and a shadowrunner.
Connor Jones, wanted for questioning by Knight Errant and now TLF President in hiding, releases a statement on Shadowland voicing sympathy for all parties involved and hoping for the guilty to be found and punished.

Derek O'Neal, witness to the Denver Grounds Assassination, tells press he has "an announcement" coming, but still recovering from shrapnel wounds.

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