2012 10 07 5

Sun Oct 7 2072

A night one and a regular elf attend an ork rally. It's not a joke though. Vollo and Laz work the perimeter like some buddy cop movie, checking for trouble. The two shadowrunners keep a low profile, watching for anything fishy. They don't see anything other than the sneers from a large majority of orks. Vollo catches a glass bottle before it hits Laz, they lose the crowd and head over towards friendlier faces- a small group of fellow elves……with ork boyfriends.

Knox, a local fixer, tends bar tonight at the low rent pool hall Falstaff's. He grumbles how his favorite employee, Carlos, never showed up only to appear on the trideo above the bar raging against race traitors.

Simon calls it a night and tucks into his coffin motel after a chat with a friend. He thought he might go, but then he didn't.

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