2012 10 07 10

Sun Oct 7 2072

Small flameless explosions rock the front of the crowd and they start running in confusion. The quasi-peaceful crowd is now pure anarchy. Horsemen clear a swath for Metal Dave to get the hell out. Floodlights get shot out. Screams everywhere. Random bips of automatic gunfire illuminate pockets of metahumanity. Police sirens wail all across downtown. Trideo footage shows a pale and flopping Falloon being carried away off stage. The last image broad casted is Mouzone's headless body. Double Tap flees the scene leaving the Panther Assault Cannon on the roof, helo's are already swarming rooftops with lights. The Gunman, slightly confused, slips away into the night.

Before the night is out- Fifty dead, hundreds injured in stampeding crowds, another hundred are arrested.

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