2012 10 01 3

Wed Oct 3 2072

Denver Fairgrounds, UCAS FTZ, Night before the rally. Two groups warily eye each other in anticipation of the event. Police and Faloon's security team inspect the site for any possible trouble, dogs bark, sensors beep, tired officers stop for cigarettes and soykaf. Under the glow of portable arc lights, the TLF and a contingent of ork and troll construction workers unfurl political banners, assemble a large stage, and are repeatedly stopped, frisked, and harassed by cops at every turn.

Two human rookie security guards have fun strip searching an entire ork family for "suspicious behavior" right in the open as punishment for hurling verbal insults. Press is prevented from being anywhere close to the grounds to witness. In fact, among competing security companies, an international war in Cal-Free, magical terrorist attacks in Denver, and the everyday 24 hour news cycle. Who's to say the press would care? They're just some ghetto orks after all. "Brother" Mouzone and, behind him, Connor watch from the sidelines and smolder.

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