2012 10 01 1

Mon Oct 1 2972

Monday Trid Talk Show "Plutocracy Now!"

The moderator and two well-dressed guests: Percy Malone, personal assistant secretary to Jeremy Falloon, and Derek O'Neal, CalFree Ranger Vet, Metahuman Rights spokesperson.

Malone is grouchy, antagonistic, and has a whiff of insider political elitist. "Yes yes, tacit support for metahuman rights. Yes, some activist groups have been particularly vocal." Agree, pivot, deflect. O'Neal is charming, yet clipped in his responses. "Metahuman anger is at an all time high, I've seen it myself coming back from the war. Metahuman orks and trolls are not predisposed towards violence, nor are they 'filthy creatures'". The moderator looks perplexed. "Who said they were?"

O'Neal quickly pivots, "Well, some fringe groups have said such things. I plan on supporting in person at the rally, I hope you will too." The topic changes to advocacy for refugees from CalFree / Japanese Protectorate State.

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