2012 10 01

Mon Oct 1 2072

Knight Errant Internal Affairs: Audio Recording // Eyes Only // Source: "Boy Scout"
Lt. Detective Pico plays the bloody memory chip in a backroom office. He thinks about the condolences letter he'll need to write explaining this tragedy and the leaked story to cover it up. He sips his synthwhiskey and listens to the last dying moments of a good man.

(Two close range gunshots, Male voice, Unknown, Late 30's)» I am sorry, my friend. Don't worry, your death won't be in vain. (Background gasping, analyzing, "Boy Scout" 99.23 Percent Match) Our operation is moving forward as planned, and, I felt we were true friends. This betrayal not withstanding, I know you agree in your heart that our politics matter. These creatures leeching off the system, feeding out of our palm so easily. A dialog will begin in across the nations, and just in time with the election. The pure will triumph again!«
("Boy Scout")» "Just shut up and kill me"«

»End of file«

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